Welcome to Restaurant on Mars Studios (ROMS)!

ROMS is a one-person video game development company, that I started while in my masters degree in Computer Science at The University of Alabama 🎓. Now that I’m graduated, I have more time to develop video games 🎮! Most of the games that I make use Unity and C#, and I do most of the art for them too. Video game updates will be posted here as they are published.

My hope is to eventually turn this website into a hub of sorts, where visitors can learn more about ROMS and the behind-the-scenes stories of how games are made. Future blog posts could include video game development material like game designs, development techniques, and other resources ✏️.

Feel free to send ideas for blog posts or games to restaurantonmars@gmail.com

If you want to meet up and talk about game development, I am in Boston, MA at the moment. We can talk about strategies for completing your game, getting started with game development, or how to apply your degree to video games. Contact me using the email above and we can organize a time. It’s a good break from developing, so all I ask is a single cup of espresso in return 😄☕.

Thanks for visiting!


Nicholas Bucher,

CEO, Restaurant On Mars Studios

Our Games

Poodle Moon Jump (Google Play)

Poodle Moon Jump

Jump fast to avoid the dangerous Space Hedgehogs, Cosmic Bats, and Moon Moles that have arrived on your moon in Poodle Moon Jump. Upgrades like wings and space armor will help you in your mission.

How long can you survive as a space poodle?

BOXES: Drone Delivery (Google Play)

BOXES: Drone Delivery

BOXES: Drone Delivery is the first game from Restaurant On Mars Studios, where you play as a box to navigate obstacles in the air. Use your box-moving skills to pass the three levels full of power-ups, bulky birds, and flying pirates, then prove your mastery by making the leaderboards in Infinity mode!